Why Do You Need To Do Cardio Exercise?

Cardio exercise is commonly defined as a type of workout that would make your heart rate go up and keep at it for an extended period of time. Hence, the term, “cardio”. Physiological results would include breathing faster and more heavily, blood vessels carrying more oxygen throughout the body, and the body will release endorphins, among others.

This healthy reaction of the body makes cardio exercises very popular, not the most favored form of exercise to many, but definitely a must.

The benefits of doing cardio exercise seem to be quite endless and boundless, so to speak. Want to lose weight? You will hear people suggest doing cardio workouts.

Medical experts say, and as proven by extensive scientific research, that doing cardio exercises for at least 150 minutes a week can help in weight loss and the maintenance of proper weight. Cardiovascular-related diseases can likewise be mitigated through this exercise. Overall? Cardio exercise can help people live healthier and longer.

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